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Our Partners

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The Jewish Entrepreneur (TJE) is a fast growing, nationwide not-for-profit organization that provides a full service, pro-bono mentoring program for Jewish entrepreneurs of all affiliations. In addition to mentoring, TJE offers live and recorded business webinars as well as networking groups 


Our mentors are recruited from across the business spectrum and are available to help both start up and existing entrepreneurs.


The Hebrew Free Loan Society (HFLS) fosters financial stability and opportunity among lower-income New Yorkers by providing access to safe and affordable credit in the form of interest-free loans.


HFLS loans make an immediate, concrete difference in the lives of our borrowers, enabling them to invest in their education, start a business, meet emergency expenses, and more.


All HFLS loans are interest-free and there are no applications or other fees – ever.



EPI has its finger on the pulse of our community and continuously innovates new programs to open new employment and business advancement opportunities. Our team of recruiters, career counselors, business coaches, and a network of 20,000 connections work tirelessly with members of our community, guiding them to financial success and independence.


The Jewish Woman Entrepreneur (The JWE) is a national nonprofit organization that helps Jewish women leverage their creativity and capability to launch and grow successful businesses. Providing local collaborative support networks, business education and mentorship, the JWE bolsters business longevity, self-fulfillment, financial independence for women and their families, and job creation; promoting economic development in the Jewish and greater community. ​


Our Vision is a world in which every aspiring Jewish woman entrepreneur is empowered to dream, articulate, and achieve her professional and personal goals.


The Jewish Community Council of Marine Park (“JCCMP”) is a social services organization that unites and assists the residents of the Marine Park community and its surrounding neighborhoods.


Focusing on the needs of these specific communities, the JCCMP has created numerous programs and services designed to improve the overall quality of life of its residents.  Whether it is providing financial assistance or food to families, social activities for teens, or advocating with the government, the JCC of Marine Park addresses the immediate needs of the community and the individual, enhancing and improving the quality of lives of both. The JCCMP has opened locations throughout NYC.


Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island (JCCGCI) is a community-based organization with a citywide impact, providing a wide-spectrum of senior citizens, vocational, educational, crime reduction, community revitalization and related services benefiting all segments of the population.

JCCGCI is also a technical assistance provider, offering capacity building services to nonprofits in all five boroughs through its NonProfit HelpDesk division. With 40 program sites throughout New York City staffed by almost 350 social service professionals, JCCGCI assists an average of upwards of 2,500 needy individuals and families each day.


Professional Career Services (PCS), a nonprofit division of Agudath Israel, was launched to find employment for people that are unemployed and as it grew, PCS’ reputation for successful job placement became well known. Applicants included both entry level job-seekers, as well as experienced professionals who required retraining and placement.


PCS continues to serve job applicants through direct placement services, career counseling, educational courses, and preparation for employment. Local employers and small businesses throughout New Jersey and New York contact PCS for employees on all levels – including controllers, accountants, health care administrators, programmers, and IT professionals.

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Aim Hire specifically targets qualified job seekers over the age of 35 who have been unemployed or underemployed for 18+ weeks. In order to incentivize business owners to consider our candidates, Aim Hire offers  subsidizes of a candidate's salary. Aim Hire also provides resume writing and interview coaching for qualified individuals.

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With the supervision and support of our exemplary staff and volunteer advisory team, the Albert J. Sutton and Sam N. Sutton Career Division stands as the premier job readiness and placement program for anyone seeking employment or looking to hire.

We assist both employers and job seekers as they navigate the challenges of today’s job market across all industries. The Career Division facilitates honest communication between employers and job seekers. All services are offered to those in the NY and NJ area.


Crown Heights Young Entrepreneur is a full-service business resource center specifically tailored to fit the unique needs of the Crown Heights Jewish community. Our approach is three-pronged: We promote responsible business development, foster a vibrant business networking scene, and assist emerging entrepreneurs and job seekers in their pursuits of lasting success. Here at CHYE, our mission is to provide young professionals and entrepreneurs with the tools and resources that they need in order to achieve lifelong financial independence.


Gesher is a collaborative non-profit resource center whose goal is to create a more prosperous self-sustaining Jewish community. Gesher provides assistance with access to community resources, benefits and government programs. Gesher empowers and enables individuals and families to gain advanced education, career counseling, skills training, mentorship and employment to maintain independence and security.


Hadracha is an organization seeking to educate and guide individuals and families in the Toronto community with employment, business, and personal finances. We provide career guidance as well as assistance with career exploration to become job ready, change careers, or increase current employment opportunities. Our goal is to alleviate the burden of starting or growing a business by providing mentorship and coaching by respected members of the business community. Hadracha services hope to improve the quality of life for the Toronto community by creating a self-sufficient environment where families can become financially independent


Parnassah Exchange is an organization that was founded by members of the Greater New York Jewish communities and whose sole mission is to help people find jobs and offer support. PX is there to guide those who are unemployed, underemployed, career starters or those looking to change career paths. It is a place where employers and candidates can easily meet and benefit from each other. PX also has a large variety of career resources to service those in need.

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Lema'an Achai envisions making a significant dent in poverty in Israel. We endeavor to help people restore their economic independence. Our vision is realized through professional programming designed and implemented to restore hope, resolve problems, build confidence, identify strengths, sharpen skills, and direct clients to gainful enterprise.

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Dedicated to providing the Orthodox community with impactful content, practical tools and one on one counseling to inspire a healthy financial future for our families and community. 

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Keren-Shemesh was founded in 2005 on the premise that launching and running a small business can change a life: offering the path to financial independence, social mobility and growth. Keren-Shemesh is an independent arm of the Ogen Group, a not-for-profit social finance group dedicated to increasing financial opportunity and fairness in Israel.


The Pilzno Work Inspired mission is to bridge the gap between parnassa and spirituality.

We are bringing to life the Jewish vision of a thriving workforce where every man and woman is experiencing satisfaction, fulfillment, and increased connection to their Judaism through their jobs, careers, and businesses.

YU Global offers professional training for in-demand jobs. We convert job market data into certificates and bootcamps ensuring that our learners are entering careers not just jobs. Our certificates are stackable, allowing learners to layer certificates and grow in their expertise. Our faculty are industry experts and our dedicated career center staff help learners assess their aptitude and interests, develop a resume, polish their job interview skills, and search for open positions. At YU Global we maintain a shomer Shabbos calendar and separate gender cohorts.

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