Career Guidance


PCS, based in the tri-state NY area, offers a career counseling service and  job skill training courses. These courses range from computer literacy, office management, as well as more specific industry training options. Many of these training options have an associated cost.


EPI offers guidance to those looking to begin a new career, including resume assistance and conversation to guide the candidate to the best path. Their focus is in Lakewood NJ and surrounding areas.

JCCGCI offers resume assistance, interview preparation and career counseling for those in the Greater Coney Island area.


CHYE connects individuals with an experienced business professional to assist them in determining their job needs and assist Lubavitch in job placement in the Crown Heights.

JCCMP offers mock Interviews, resume assistance, and computer classes to assist those in their career preparation for those in the Marine Park and surrounding areas of Brooklyn.

Whether you’re entering the workforce for the first time or making a career change, the prospect can be overwhelming. Gesher is there to assist you. Their comprehensive career services are designed to get you workplace-ready and set for success.

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